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What did they do? (Methods)

1. Was the choice of participants explicit and comprehensive?

2. Was data collection sufficiently comprehensive and detailed?

3. Were the data analyzed appropriately and the findings corroborated adequately?

What was the answer? (Results)

1. What are the results of the study?

What did they say about the answer? (Conclusion)

1. Does the study offer helpful theoretical conclusions?

2. Does the conclusion reflect the discussion?

3. Are there study limitations, and do these impact the conclusions?

4. Are potential discrepancies mentioned?

What do I do with this information?

1. Does the study help me understand the context of my practice?

2. Does the study help me to understand my relationships with patients and their families?

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Finding qualitative articles



From: Guyatt, G. Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: Essentials of Evidence-based Clinical Practice. AMA Press, 2002 and Strauss. Evidence-Based Medicine. How to Practice and Teach EBM. Churchill-Livingstone, 3rd edition, 2005 (pocket cards).

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