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October is National Medical Librarians Month!

National Medical Librarians Month

Take the Health Equity Quiz!

  • Once you have completed the quiz, fill out a short contact form.
  • One entry per person please!
  • Enter by October 29, 2021. The winner will be notified November 2, 2021.
  • There are 7 questions. Those with the most correct answers will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card.
  • Once you have submitted your answers, a page with the correct answers will be displayed.

An * (asterisk) means it is a required field.

How does U.S. life expectancy compare to other comparable countries? *

In the top 5
In the top 10
20th place
27th place

How much does the U.S. spend per person on health care compared to the average of the other industrialized countries? *

Half as much
The same
Two times as much
Four times as much

What is the greatest difference in life expectancy in U.S. cities with the highest life-expectancy gaps? *

10 years
20 years
30 years
40 years

The physical and mental well-being of residents within a community are assessed through measures representing not only the length of life but quality of life as well. What is the biggest predictor of differences in health outcomes in a community? *

How often you exercise
What you eat
Whether or not you are wealthy
Whether or not you have health insurance
Whether or not you smoke

In the U.S., your life expectancy declines the most if you have less than which of the following levels of education? *

Grade school education
High school education
Two-year college degree
Four-year college degree

How much does chronic illness cost the U.S. each year in lost work productivity? *

$105 million
$601 million
$2.2 billion
$153 billion
$1.1 trillion

How many days of paid sick leave are U.S. workers guaranteed by law? *

One day
Six days
Ten days

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