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Tape MeasureMeasuring Your Research Impact

Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to academia, society and the economy:
  • Academic impact : Contribution to academic advances, across and within disciplines, in understanding, methods, theory and application
  • Societal impact: Benefit to individuals, organizations and nations by enhancing quality of life, health and creative output, and increasing the effectiveness of public services and policy
  • Economic impact: Attracting investment, wealth creation, enhanced national and global competitiveness

Why measure or track research impact?

  • Strengthen your case when you apply for promotion or tenure
  • Quantify return on research investment for grant renewals and progress reports
  • Strengthen future funding requests by showing value of your research
  • Identify who is using your work and confirm that it is appropriately credited
  • Identify collaborators within or outside of your subject area

While there are many reasons to measure research impact, there has not been universal agreement on how to do so. Additionally, as methods of scholarly communication expand beyond the traditional journal article, existing metrics become less relevant. New metrics continue to be developed in attempts to improve upon existing measures. Protect the impact of your research by avoiding predatory publishers and maintaining your reputation as a reputabale researcher. Know your rights as the author of imactful research.

In this short video, Professor Dermot Diamond, Principal Investigator, National Centre for Sensor Research, Dublin City University, talks about the value and use of bibliometrics in the context of evaluating an individual’s research impact.

This video is part of MyRI - Measuring your Research Impact
a free online bibliometrics tutorial with supporting learning resources available for re-use and adaptation under a creative commons licence. There are three modules:
Introduction to bibliometrics
Tracking your research impact
Journal ranking and analysis

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