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Measuring Author Impact

An author's impact on their field or discipline has traditionally been measured using the number of academic publications he or she has authored and the number of times these publications are cited by other researchers. Thus, a simple way to demonstrate your impact is to create a comprehensive list of your publications and the number of times they have been cited.

Calculating Author Impact Using Web of Science

  1. Navigate to MUSM LIbraries website:
  2. In the middle of the screen click on “Databases”
  3. Next, click the letter “W” scroll down the list of databases and select Web of Science
  4. If off campus, you will need to login
  5. Once in Web of Science select “Advanced Search” and in the “Query Preview” search box type OG=(Mercer University) AND AD=(Sch Med) AND your name in this order:
    last name, first initial (ex. Bridges C)
    Your search will look like: OG=(Mercer University) AND AD=(Sch Med) AND AU=Bridges C
  6. You can adjust the dates for publications you wish to retrieve by selecting the years under “Add date range”
  7. Click the blue “Search” button to run your search
  8. You will retrieve a list of your publications
  9. To view your h-index  look for “Citation Report” on the right hand side of the screen
  10. Click the blue “Citation Report” button
  11. Your h-index will display in the box to the far right of the screen


Calculating Author Impact Using Google Scholar

Once you've created a Google Scholar Profile, it is easy to add publications and see your h-index and i10-index. Publications like theses, books, and reports that might not be included in Web of Science can be added in Google Scholar and will contribute to your citation count. However, you should check data in Google Scholar carefully, since it can be more prone to errors and duplication.

  1. Navigate to Google Scholar
  2. Enter name of author
  3. If a profile exists for the author it will appear at the top of the search results, click the name of the author and their profile page will open
  4. View the h-index for the person on the right side of the screen.

Google Scholar Citations

Caution about Author Impact Calculations

Because databases like Web of Science,and Google Scholar differ in the content that they include, it is likely that your citation counts, and even your h-index, will be different depending on which database you use.

Publish or Perish


  • Scholarometer
    A browser extension that queries Google Scholar. Network visualizations are based on crowdsourced discipline annotations of the queried authors.

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