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VisualDX Copyright and Fair Use

The information on this page was copied from the Using Images from VisualDX brochure.

Permitted Uses

If you are using or accessing the Software as an Institutional Subscriber, you may copy or link to VisualDx Images and illustrations for your clinical or educational use including consulting with individual colleagues, for patient education, and lectures or other teaching material presented within your institution.

Educational material containing VisualDx images and illustrations, including course lectures and handouts, may be added to centralized, institutional learning management systems so long as that institution maintains an active license for VisualDx. VisualDx images and illustrations must remain within the context of access-controlled, specific course material within your institution. When using an image from VisualDx the copyright watermark notice must remain intact and must include the source reference: Image source: VisualDx (

Use of VisualDx images is restricted to current VisualDx subscribers and the rights to use defined in this policy. These rights to use expire when your institutional Software license is terminated.

Prohibited Uses

Unless express written permission is granted by VisualDx, VisualDx images and illustrations may not be used in any publication (print or electronic), posted on websites, publicly available intranet domains, public bulletin boards, social media or chat rooms. VisualDx images and illustrations may not be added to centralized image repositories or learning management systems outside the context of specific course materials per the guidelines above. Under no circumstances may VisualDx images be used in performing vision science or machine learning or to train or test deep learning or artificial intelligence algorithms in any way, all of which are strictly prohibited by VisualDx.

Request Permissions

Written permission for use can be requested on the VisualDx website or by emailing Heidi Halton, Image Collection Manager, at

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