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Document Delivery

If you are a Mercer University School of Medicine faculty, preceptor, student or staff member, we can get journal articles, books and book chapters for you. Just email your list to us at or FAX your list to us at 912-721-8266 indicating which article(s) or book(s) or book chapter(s) you want. Remember to include your contact information and desired delivery route.

You can also order articles and books via our InterLibrary Loan delivery system called Clio Once at the page, to get started, click where it says "Register for a new account." You only have to do this once. You can then create whatever username and password you would like to access this service and order articles and books.

Or, call directly 478-301-4056 (Macon) or 912-721-8230 (Savannah).

This service is free to you as a Mercer University School of Medicine preceptor.

Resources by Subject

Resources by Subject are guides created by librarians to assist you with your research. These guides will direct you to article databases, e-books, e-journals, web sites, mobile apps, tutorials, and other resources you may find useful.

Reference Question/Literature Search

We can provide answers to reference questions using standard sources such as dictionaries, textbooks and drug compendia. We can perform a search of PubMed (or other relevant databases) to identify relevant information on your topic. Just ask us! This service is free to you as a Mercer University School of Medicine preceptor.

Electronic Resources

Go to the Mercer University School of Medicine Libraries Webpage.

When you see a Mercer Univeristy School of Medicine Authentication page, log in using your Mercer account username and password.

Choose one of the following methods to get your username and password:

  • Email us:
  • Call Us: 478.301.4056 (Macon); 912.721.8230 (Savannah)
  • FAX Us: 478.301.2051 (Macon); 912.721.8266 (Savannah)

Accessible free to you as a Mercer University School of Medicine preceptor with your Mercer username and password:

eBooks Over 334,000 Textbooks
eJournals Over 17,000 Journals
PubMed PubMed (with link resolver to retrieve full text)
Databases Over 140 Databases

Mobile Apps available free to you as a Mercer University School of Medicine preceptor include:

DMP Dynamed Plus ($395.00 value)

DynaMed Plus is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use primarily at the 'point-of-care'. With clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,000 topics, DynaMed is an evidence-based reference that answers clinical questions during practice.

DynaMed Plus mobile license allows up to 3 devices of any platform with one license. NOTE: Requires at least 500 MB of memory. Once downloaded, it does not require internet access except for updates.

To register your device:

Begin by downloading the DynaMed app from the iTunes or Google Play app store. After downloading, there are multiple ways to authenticate the app.

1. Log in via the Mercer network

Tap Institutional Network and then tap Authenticate to log in to the app if you are connected to Mercer's Internal Network.

2. Sign in with your Personal User Account to authenticate the app.

Enter your personal user account credentials and tap the Sign In button.
  • Don’t have a Personal Account? Create one by accessing DynaMed on the web while on the Mercer network using this link off campus and then selecting the Sign In link in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
Once logged in, the app is authenticated for 3 months, after which you are prompted to re-authenticate.

After you log in, you are prompted to install via one of the following options:
  • Online Only: Use the app only while connected to the internet.
  • Partial Install: Store text and image thumbnails on your device. Full images are available when you are connected to the internet. This option helps you save space on your device.
  • Full Install: Store all DynaMed content on your device. You do not need to be connected to the internet to access content on the app.
VisualDX VisualDX + DermExpert ($399.00 value)

Designed to assist medical professionals in diagnosing visually identifiable diseases, VisualDX presents multiple images of each disease, showing how each might look at different stages and in people of different ages and races.
DownLoad the VisualDX app:
  1. Follow this VisualDX link and click Get the Mobile App" (center of VisualDx homepage).
  2. Create your personal username and password as instructed. You will receive an email from Logical Images.
  3. Once you have a username and password, you can download the free VisualDx Mobile app on your mobile device from the iTunes Store.
  4. Launch the VisualDx app from your device and sign in using the username and password you created.

To use DermExpert, from the VisualDX app:

  1. Select the camera or dermatology icon to start.
  2. Take a photo of the patient's skin lesion
  3. Confirm or edit the DermExpert photo analysis.
  4. Enter additional findings into the workup.
  5. See the differential diagnosis results.
  6. Vew clinical information and diagnosis images.
ClinicalKey ClinicalKey ($28,752.00 value)

Provides access to over 1,000 eBooks, 600 eJournals, the First Consult point of care database, over 1 million images, and 3,000+ videos from Procedures Consult.

1. Follow this ClinicalKey link and click on "Register" in the top right hand corner.
2. Complete the registration form.
3. On your mobile device, download the ClinicalKey app and log in with your ClinicalKey username and password that you created when you registered.

AccessMedicine AccessMedicine ($995.00 value)

90 electronic textbooks and reference books including: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine; Hurst’s the Heart; Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Diseases; the Lange series in the basic medical and clinical sciences; and color atlases of cardiology, dermatology, microbiology, hematology, endoscopy and others.
1. To register your device: Create an account by following this AccessMedicine link to their website.
2. Click the down arrow next to the Mercer University box in the right hand upper corner.
3. Then "Login or Create a Free Personal Account"
4. A popup window will appear. Select "Don't have a MyAccess account?" and fill in the requested information and select "Create Account"
5. On your mobile device go to the App/Google Play store and download AccessMedicine. Log in and content should download.
NOTE: You must authenticate your account online every 90 days.

Renewing your subscription: You must log in to the AccessMedicine website with your username and password every 90 days to authenticate your subscription.

Micromedex Micromedex ($695.00 value)

Includes drug interactions, drug identification, IV compatability, tox & drug product lookup, drug comparison, Red Book Online, calculators, and CareNotes in 15 languages.

1. Follow this Micromedex link and then select "Mircomedex" and then "Mobile Application Access" located in the top right hand corner.

Read QXMD Read by QxMD
This App for Read by QxMD provides a single place to keep up with new medical & scientific research, read topic reviews and search PubMed. Select from topic areas or over 6,300 journals. Add keywords to follow. Save article PDFs to read offline. Articles can be annotated and highlighted. Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook.  
To configure it to find the libraries subscribed content:
1. Once the app has been downloaded from the app store, select the "gear" icon (Settings)
2. Choose Institutional Access and select Mercer University School of Medicine as your institution.
3. Select “Automatic Login Using Open Athens Login”
4. Enter your Mercer username and password.
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